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Reminders for MBA Teams

> Schedule all your games in ScoreMonster (www.ScoreMonster.com) and enter your scores ASAP after your game is done. Generally, this is the home team's responsibility.

> Do NOT create your own team/league site -- it must be created by the MBA (via ScoreMonster Support) and likely already has been. Rather, sign up for a free, personal (YOUR info, NOT the team's/league's) user account, then email support@scoremonster.com so they can send you an invite to become a team/league admin. Multiple admins allowed. 

> Update and maintain your official roster in ScoreMonster as contracts are signed throughout the season. 

QUESTIONS? Email support@scoremonster.com and/or check out their HelpCenter (http://help.scoremonster.com), which has step-by-step tutorials of the various available features -- such as setting up the social media widgets to reflect your team (http://help.scoremonster.com/tutorials/ID/78/Update-Facebook-Twitter-Widgets-to-Your-Team-League-Accounts).